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How to Make Your Car Shine - From the Experts at Ming Winnipeg
When you buy a new car, the paint is pristine and shiny. But over time, that paint can lose its luster. In this video, the experts at Ming share with you the secrets to maintaining that new car shine that we all love so much.

What Can You Do to Protect Your New Car?
The average distance a car travels in Canada per year is 15, 200 km. Gravel roads during your trips to the cabin, winter city driving with the salt and sand, and even the spring breakup - these are all scenarios that your new car will encounter in those first kilometers. But there are numerous things you can do to protect your new investment. At Ming, we offer a variety of services like Rust Protection, Chip Protection, Undercoating and Paint Treatment taht will help protect your car's exterior and undercarriage throughout the year.

What To Do If You Have a Scratch on Your Vehicle
The unfortunate reality is that, at one point or another, your vehicle will experience some dents and scratches. When assessing a scratch, look to determine the size and depth of the damage. Watch the below video to learn what to look for and when you should bring your vehicle in to a car scratch repair expert like Ming Auto Beauty. At Ming, we use the Sprayless Scratch Repair Proces to make cosmetic repairs that are hard to detect with the human eye.

Winnipeg Auto Detailing Services
Since 1935, Ming has been at the forefront of the Auto Detailing Industry in North America. With our unique formula, we've Ming-processed over 5 million vehicles. Learn more about Ming Auto Beauty.
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