Automotive Window Tinting

Make your commutes more comfortable with Ming Automotive Window Tinting. 
Ming offers the highest quality automotive window films on the market today from manufacturers such as 3M, Llumar and Solar Gard. We have been installing tinting on automotive vehicles for over 20 years and assure the best films and flawless installation with no bubbles, spots, streaks, unsightly seams, or rough edges. All of our films filter 99% of UV rays to reduce fading and deterioration of upholstery and to protect your skin from the harmful rays of the sun.
Quality Film and Application
One Piece Application with Invisible Seam in Rear Windows
Top Quality High Performance Films with Factory Look
Every Available Shade and Colour in Stock
Comfort & Security
Increase Rider Comfort
99% UV Protection Against Harmful UV rays
Privacy for Passengers and Belongings
Valuable Investment
Enhance Vehicle Appearance
Increase Resale Value
Lifetime Written Warranty Against Peeling, Cracking, Bubbling and Discoloration
We know how important your car it is to you and we want it looking the best for the years to come. Contact us to book your Automotive Window Tinting appointment today.
Please note that automotive window tinting is regulated by the Highway Traffic Act of the C.C.S.M. (Continuing Consolidation of the Statues of Manitoba). For more information on the legal automotive window tinting allowances in Manitoba, please visit the follow resource pages:
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