Used Car Reconditioning

At Ming, not only do we offer protection for new vehicles, we are experts at used vehicle reconditioning. We make your old car look, feel and smell like new again, inside and out. 

We recommend the following Used Vehicle Reconditioning services depending on your vehicle, year of make and lifestyle needs. Give us a call or contact us through the website to find out what services your vehicle requires.

Auto Detailing Winnipeg


Interior Shampoo and Detailing

Car Interior Shampoo Winnipeg
Food, grease, grime, liquid spills, sand, and salt from the winter months quickly take their toll on your vehicle's interior.  The Interior Shampoo/Detailing package will bring your vehicle's interior back to life by shampooing your seats, rugs and floor mats. We also clean all vinyl components such as your dash and door panels clean the trim, vents, console, jambs, and windows

Paint Polishing

Our Ming process not only protects new vehicles, it will restore the shine on dull paint and look better than new.  Our unique process removes pollutants, old wax and atmopheric buildup, as well as smooths out fine scratches.  We guarantee this shine for 5 years without waxing.

Although the Ming treatment is our flagship service, we also offer regular power polishing and handwaxing services both designed for economy and your needs.

Car Paint Polishing Winnipeg Ming


The Ming Headlight Restoration System

The only headlight restoration with a five-year warranty. Today's new composite headlight lenses are vulnerable to road damage and weathering. Broken or badly faded headlights cost hundreds of dollars to replace. Polishing products promise to remove the cloudy and faded look but generally won't last even a year. The Ming Headlight Restoration System is a premium 8 mil invisible urethane shield applied directly to protect expensive and vulnerable lenses from damage caused by flying stones, sand, dirt, bugs, scratches, and nicks. Cloudy and faded lenses can be brought back to look brand new and will stay that way for years.

  • Five-year warranty against fading
  • Self-healing technology
  • Protection against damage
  • Never yellows
  • Removable and replaceable

Disaster Repair

We are experts in repairing tar, paint overspray, road paint splatters, spray paint vandalism, vomit, urine, blood, spills as well as flooded and soaked vehicles.


Scratch and Dent Repair

Our sister company  Doctor Dent  expertly repairs small dents, hail damage, and most scratches without painting or body work.  Work is performed right in our Ming shops. These repairs are certified and recommended by insurance companies including MPI.
Car Dent Repair Winnipeg
Car Dent Repair Winnipeg

Odour Removal & Anti-Bacterial Treatment

We can remove foul smells from the interior of your vehicle permanently. Our specialists assess each situation giving relief from damage caused by water, bodily fluids, and spills of all kinds. Rather than offering a temporary cover-up, technicians locate the source, clean the contaminant, and neutralize the bacteria, removing the cause as well as the lingering smells to create a permanent solution to problem odours.


Tar and Overspray Removal

Construction road tar splattered all over, paint mist from a careless spray painter or vandals tagging your car may all seem like disasters at the time.  No need to worry.  At Ming, we specialize in gentle and thorough removal and clean-up of these and any other types of overspray.  Your vehicle will generally leave looking better than before.  In many cases, your insurance will cover the damages and we can even help you initiate a claim.  Call or drop by one of our two Winnipeg Ming locations for an assessment and quote.

If your vehicle is victim to construction road tar from the summer or other tar and overspray damage, contact us  to have our expert technicians get your vehicle back to top shape.


Still unsure of which services you require for your vehicle? Which services are priority and which ones are not?  If you have any questions about our services, feel free to contact us! Prices vary due to type of vehicle.   Contact us for a price quote for your vehicle.  Ask about our packaged deals, designed to save you money.

Call us at (204) 786-7681 for our St James location or (204) 661-3900 for our Stapleton location or  contact us online  at your convenience.

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