How to Safely Remove Road Tar From Your Car

Tar is soluble with mild cleaning solvents such as mineral spirits, Varsol, or turpentine. Do not use paint thinners as they may damage the paint. To be certain that the product you are using is safe, try testing it on a hidden painted area like under the hood or trunk lid first. 
After washing the vehicle, dry the excess water, and using a spray bottle in a ventilated area or outside, mist the area affected with tar. Allow it to soak and dissolve for 2 to 5 minutes. With a soft cloth or wash mitt gently rub the area carefully not to scratch the paint. The tar will appear on your cloth showing that it is coming off. This step may need to be repeated two or three times until the tar is completely removed. Finally wash again using liquid soap, (preferably car was soap), to remove the residue. 
When solvents are used on automotive surfaces waxes and sealants will be removed as well. Unless the vehicle has been treated with the Ming Mirror Paint Treatment you will need to reapply polish to the areas that have been solvent washed. 
If the amount of tar is excessive then it may be necessary to have it professionally processed. The experts at Ming Auto Beauty Centres are trained at all types of disaster repairs and may even be able to suggest if making a claim is worth while. Contact the St. James or Stapleton locations to talk with our experts first.
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