How To Clean Your Wheel Rims

Many of today’s wheels have alloy rims which can be difficult to clean compared to disc covers, especially if brake dust has accumulated over time and the wheels have not been cleaned regularly. Adding to the problem some wheels are sensitive to strong cleaning agents and streaking or marking can result. We recommend cleaning your vehicle and the wheels weekly. Any cleaning solution that you use should be tested first on a small area to be certain that there is no reaction. As well, always read the manufacturer's directions prior to application on any product that you use.

    Degreaser concentrate
    Spray bottle
    Wash mitt or cloth
    Small soft scrub brush

Mist a strong solution of degreaser and water onto the wheels and let it soak for at least two minutes. Spray the wheels at close range, about 2 feet away, to remove the heavy dirt.
If the wheels come clean where you've washed them, then simply spray the wheels again, and starting with the first wheel, work your wash mitt or cloth into the nooks and spokes with your fingers. Use the small brush if it helps. Move the vehicle 3 feet and repeat to get at the other side of the wheels.
If the dirt is stubborn you may have to rub harder, or use a rougher cloth and work at removing the build up. Unfortunately, there is no easy way to do this, only elbow grease! Just keep at it and repeat the process as necessary.
There are products available for cleaning alloy rims, however our experience is that they are not any more effective than degreaser and they are a lot more expensive.
Wire or spoke wheels:
It’s an onerous, if not impossible, task to manually clean wire wheels. Try a commercially available wire wheel cleaner. If you are not getting desired results, then a visit to a Ming Auto Beauty location or another professional detailer will be in order.

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