How to Clean a Spill In Your Car

Almost any type of spill or mess can be cleaned if it is dealt with right away. Our centres have had paint, urine, feces, blood, fish, pickle juice, milk, gasoline, and even worse types of messes that we have cleaned successfully. It is most important to act fast. The quantity is a factor as well. Large volumes that soak deeply into car upholstery, seats or rugs will probably need to be dealt with professionally; however, small spills can be cleaned using household supplies. 

Start with an absorbent cloth such as hand or bath towels. Immediately scrub as much as the spill as possible with the towel, turning it to absorb as much as possible. Mix a solution of non-bleach household cleaner or dishwashing liquid with water and spray the area liberally. Brush vigorously with a soft brush until a soap foam appears and then towel some more. Change scrubbing direction and repeat until you feel you have removed the foreign material. Using a wet/dry vacuum or shampoo extractor will work even better if you have one. Use it to soak up the mixture after scrubbing. Then at the end, towel dry. Allow for complete air drying and use a fan if possible, to prevent mildew.

Big spills, flooded vehicles, and major disasters will probably need to be dealt with professionally. The experts at Ming Auto Beauty Centres are trained at all types of disaster repairs and may even be able to assist with making an insurance claim. Talk to the experts at Ming first to find out the course of action for your situation. Contact the St. James location here and Stapleton here.


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